Pitts wants to support dictators

Re: Mr. Pitts complaining we should not have gone to Iraq, published Oct. 29:

When the American Forces first went into Iraq a group of Americans had just arrived with the intent of laying down in front of the American equipment to prevent them from moving into battle. It's not been told what ensued after that, but they suddenly decided to return to the U.S. What could have changed their minds? Could it be some English-speaking Iraqis might have explained to them what fate held for them if they were captured by the Saddam Forces?

Examples are encouraging for those who held Saddam in high reverence. While Sir Saddam was in power, people were allowed to have their tongues pulled partially out of their mouth with needle-nose pliers and the outer portion cut off with a razor blade. If they were taken to the top of a three- or four-floor building, they had a good possibility of being thrown off of it. If they found themselves sitting in a chair with arm rests, an ax might be used to amputate the arm at the elbow. It was convenient, after all, the arm was already bent at 90 degrees.

If they were interred in a prison like Abu Guhrab, they could experience having a slit cut between the two leg bones just above the ankle and an iron hook placed in that slit, the better to invert them by a rope hanging from the ceiling. Or they could be hanged, Abu Guhrab averaged about 28 hangings per week before the Americans took over. All of these fun things were done for the physical pleasures of the victim, no anesthetic to interfere with pleasure of the experiences. I've had progressives suggest to me, maybe those people want to live under those conditions, else why don't they throw such a dictator out.

After taking over Abu Guhrab, some Americans are reported to have had fun with Iraqis in a sexual way. Somewhat similar to the activities of some of our citizens on a social date. Haven't heard of too much prosecution of those activities in the U.S., they seem to be legal here.

When the Americans were preparing to leave Abu Guhrab, the prisoners were begging the Americans to take them with them. The Iraqis knew what was coming and wanted in the worst way to leave.

These people like you, Mr. Pitts, backed Castro when he took over Cuba. They supported the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua, The Soviet Union in the Cold War, North Korea in the early 1950s, North Vietnam in the late 1960s.

Today, you support the dictators in the Middle East. You have gone there, put your arms around those dictators' shoulders, and yelled cuss words at us, our government, our military, called us and them Nazis. What goals do you seek?


Johnson City

Heartfelt thanks for well wishes

It's impossible for me to thank each of you for the kindnesses you have extended to me these last three months. I'm thanking you collectively. The dozens of birthday cards, get well cards, flowers, gifts, calls and visits are so appreciated.

I'm at home now after having spent weeks at the wonderful Garden Valley Retirement Village where Ruby Buller is the director of independent living. She is an awesome person.

May God bless each one of you.


Garden City