Multiple problems with government

We are of all ages, and things are getting from bad to worse here in America-USA. Gas prices are too high, food, utility and taxes too high. Some have taken you, God, out of our schools, government and even Christmas. There are much more who want you in our lives, than those who don't. It is said that our government has dipped into the people's Social Security several times. Now they say Social Security is in trouble for us citizens. Shame, shame. Do they not believe in our forefathers, who set that up for us citizen of the USA, and said that government was not to use it in any other way. Yes, our United States has grown in population. But us who are citizens pay into Social Security. Also, why do the higher-up officials get to stay so many years in government? We need that changed. Have you ever noticed that some of them seem to be taking a nap. Yes, we stand up for our United States, but somehow the government needs to let us take a vote on things that do not seem right in government, we the people of the U.S.


Garden City

Poor handling of local deaths

My letter is in response to your recent handling of local deaths. Two families have recently suffered great losses due to suicide, only to have it plastered in The Telegram. When someone dies of cancer or a heart attack, is that reported as well? These articles did not include any information that would've been helpful for the families. Not a word about support groups, helplines or warning signs. These were printed purely for the sensationalism and with a blatant disregard for the effects it would have on the families. It has become obvious to me that the priorities of this newspaper are questionable. The public waited for weeks to get a story on the school board member accused of spying on the women's restroom with a video camera. Has anyone reported on local officials getting in trouble with the law? My heart goes out to the recent victims of your "reporting." You should be ashamed of what your newspaper has become.


Garden City

Cheers for two boxers

Ma Rios, I must of been blindsided by Victor, I knew your Brandon was out there, but his Venezuelan Vegas Victory took me by surprise. Now it's given Garden City double vision in the double class town, lightweight and welterweight champions. Now we need to go all in on Victor, not with poker chips, but with all of our hearts. I'm hoping to wake up on my 53rd birthday to see Mayweather's record tarnished with a big black one that will make my day. The men that gave out the two keys to the city need to beat Dodge City out of air service. We have two champs that need it more than the 3i'ed cowboys.


Garden City

Great offerings at local library

The Finney County Public Library has a giveaway stand in its lobby for people to give books and magazines to anyone else who might want them. It was about a year ago that someone left a couple of books by Norah Lofts: "Bless this House" and "Townhouse." I selected those two books that I had never seen before and they were great. I found a new author that I loved reading. The library had even more of her books. This author has kept me busy for more than a year and I want to thank whoever it was that left these books on the giveaway stand.