Kansas should ban abortions

In 1973, at the time of Roe vs. Wade, our understanding of pain was so primitive that newborns undergoing surgery did so without anesthesia, receiving only a paralytic to keep them immobile.

After ultrasound was introduced in the late '70s, surgery "in utero" blossomed. It wasn't long before physicians noticed that unborn children could experience pain.

Expert witnesses in 2005 Congressional hearings testified that 1) the unborn child 20 weeks after conception has all the prerequisite anatomy, physiology, hormones, neurotransmitters and electrical current to experience pain, and 2) pain suppressors are not fully operational until full term birth. This means that pain experienced by the unborn is worse than any pain felt by newborns, older children or adults.

Death by dismemberment is barbaric, even more so for innocent unborn human children whom scientists now know feel excruciating pain.

It's time for Kansas to ban abortions upon pain-capable unborn children, by passing House Bill 2218.

Please contact your representative and senator in Kansas and urge them to vote in favor of HB 2218. To find out who they are, go to www.kslegislature.org/li. For more information, go to www.kfl.org.


Overland Park

Hansen is president of Kansans For Life.

Lend a hand to cleanup efforts

We are getting closer to spring and will be picking up trash around our community with volunteer crews.

I would like to encourage everyone to slow down when they see the workers are out along the roads cleaning up. This will make it safer for those who are working there and not distract them from their work.

We also would like to have your help. You can do this by picking up trash on your property and the road ditches in front of your property. Please remember that it is against the law to litter. We also could use adult volunteers to help supervise and work with the youth of the community. They are trying to improve our community, let's give them a hand.

If you don't have time to work with us, you can donate trash bags, water or treats for the crews. If you can help with this, call me at 276-8336.


Garden City

More problems in liquor sales

Are the Kansas lawmakers aware that Greensburg has no police department and has never had a liquor store? But now they want to put a bottle of liquor in their Kwik Shop in a city that has no police department. Are the lawmakers in Topeka on the same thing as their kids? Potpourri and bath salt, may I suggest you try some pot, I think it will make you think clearer. So you can find a way to put a police department in a town before you put a bottle of trouble in its Kwik Shop.


Garden City