Project would exhaust water

If the permit for Sunflower Electric expansion is granted, the "last laugh" will be on "Backward Kansans." First, Colorado drains the Arkansas River until it becomes nothing but a sandpit. Then, they will use the energy created by polluting our beautiful blue skies. The Wyoming coal industry and the railroads provide big bucks for investors, who will "laugh" all the way to the bank.

Perhaps the most important issue is our precious ground water resource. The struggle for adequate water supplies is occurring at an alarming rate. Have you ever pondered what it might be like to turn on the tap and nothing ever comes out? During my childhood, I lived without indoor plumbing a number of years. I remember carrying buckets of water, from a well, to the kitchen. All the water had to be carried into the house for all of our use. My parents taught us to value our water. And yes, we had an outhouse. I invite you to read a timely article, which was published in Newsweek magazine. It was written by Jeneen Interlandi, "The New Oil," pp. 41-45, Oct. 18, 2010. This article assesses the shortage of water worldwide, including the United States.

I find it very strange that we have such a short memory with regards to conservation. Do any of you remember the late '70s and early '80s? Instead, we have built bigger homes, drive bigger vehicles and have wasted water on our green manicured lawns. Somehow "keeping up with the Joneses" becomes more important than common sense. Hum? Such short memories we have. Perhaps as Kansans we deserve our "Backwards State" status?


Garden City