Greed fuels plan to build plant

It's bad enough that Garden City even wants an extension to the now-existing coal plant, but if they were getting one it was supposed to be under the new federal rules to use the best available technology for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Now it appears that Sunflower is excited because it might get a permit before that ruling takes effect. I can't believe the Garden City community isn't outraged by this. Don't you care about your health and that of future generations? Don't you care about our environment and what the residue from this plant will do to the farmland in this area forever? Anyone who watched "60 Minutes" about a month ago could see the damage coal plants have done in other parts of the USA that coal ash is a toxic waste that no one knows how to get rid of it safely.

Why aren't the people of Garden City concerned? Any jobs this construction creates are short term. The majority of people who will benefit from this source of electricity will not be from Kansas. No way would they construct this facility in their state. It's just not right when greed triumphs over a community's well-being. By the way, I wonder how many Sunflower officials live in Garden City.




Garden City

Choose Schmidt for Kansas AG

Derek Schmidt is a true friend of Kansas agriculture and rural communities. With shifting populations, many public policy battles important to rural Kansas are being waged in the courtroom. More courtroom battles loom just over the horizon. Most Kansans would expect their state's top elected lawyer to fight against sweeping federal power grabs that strain the limits of common sense and of our Constitution, rather than look the other way. There's something pretty basic left out of the Obamacare mandate that every American purchase an insurance policy. There's something missing in the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to start regulating carbon emissions without the approval of Congress. The Constitution of the United States of America. Kansans deserve an Attorney General who won't look the other way when their Constitutional rights are on the line. Kansans deserve an Attorney General who will stand up for them. I'm voting for Derek Schmidt and I encourage you to do likewise.


Garden City

Baccus is president of Kansas Farm Bureau in Minneapolis.

Welcome college's new drama director

Over the summer, Garden City Community College hired a new director of drama. The "new kid on the block" is named Phil Hoke, and he arrived on campus in early August. Phil hit the ground running with plans to produce a classic of American theatre, "The Crucible," by world renowned playwright Arthur Miller. He challenged his young cast and crew, made up of current and former GCCC drama students, to take on a demanding drama that has timely things to say about courage, convictions and the importance of individual freedoms.

I have had the opportunity to watch Phil Hoke and his energetic company during a couple of recent rehearsals, and I'd like to ask the theatre-going community to support their efforts and welcome our new director of drama by attending one of the three performances that will take place this weekend.

Showtimes at the Fine Arts Auditorium are 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday.