Due to all the budget cuts, the intramural athletic program at the high school is in jeopardy. We feel, as parents, and we hope you feel the same, as a community, that we cannot let this program die. There are around 500 kids that participate in the basketball and soccer programs. Five hundred kids, plus one or two of their friends that come to watch, is a lot of kids that are being active and involved at the high school. This program is the only thing a lot of these kids are involved with at the high school.

As we all know, when our Garden City youth are participating in something constructive, they are doing better in school and are staying off the streets and keeping out of trouble. This program holds the students accountable for their grades and attending school.

We are working with the high school to find a solution to this problem. We hope you understand how losing this program will affect a lot of kids. If you are willing to help in any way, please call 521-9090 (Kim) or 276-3497 (Nanci). Thank you.



Garden City