The U.S. Congress is on its fall break, people. It's time to flood their state offices with our voices. Call them. Let them know your feelings on their run-away spending and their proposed health plan.

They haven't passed the health plan President Obama wants. Let's all tell them enough is enough. Canada's social health system is in trouble, they don't know how it can be changed. Canadians are crossing the border to receive medical attention in the United States. Why? There is such a long waiting period of time before they can get the health care they need.

The British are having the same problem. That's what happens when you have socialized medicine like President Obama is proposing.

America has the best health care system in the world. Why is it that dignitaries from foreign countries come to America for their health needs? I realize some in America have no health care. They flood hospital emergency rooms. They are given care, driving the cost of health care up.

Hospitals and doctors write much of that treatment off. Those who have insurance are helping to pay for those who don't have health care.

Another thing driving up the cost of health care is that everyone wants to sue. What we need is tort reform. Let's help our doctors, and encourage others to become doctors, by lowering the cost of the liability insurance they must have to practice medicine.

Eighty-seven percent of people polled are satisfied with their current health plans. That leaves 13 percent who aren't insured. Of that 13 percent, how many are already getting some type of government assistance? How many have the finances and elect not to purchase health insurance and spend their finances on something else? How many are illegal immigrants? Why spend $1.3 trillion or $4 trillion to insure maybe 6 or 7 percent of those without insurance?

Citizens of America, the year 2010 is rapidly approaching. Let's elect people to represent us who can balance their own bank book and don't want to spend, spend, spend, individuals who govern within the revenue a city, a state or federal government has to spend instead of raising taxes all the time, or printing money like our federal government is doing.

When times are tough, tighten your belt tighter. Get by with what you have instead of always asking people to give more by raising taxes.

If we don't start working together, get this mess straightened out in our local, state and federal governments, we will become more divided than we presently are. Divided we fall.

If the health plan the House of Representatives has passed is such a good plan, I challenge every person working for the federal government, all two million plus of them, plus the senators, House of Representatives, and yes, even our president, to be the first to sign up for the health plan they want to give to us, "We the People," who elect them. America, wake up!


Garden City