I find it humorous that the present administration has become so visibly paranoid about the amount of resistance to some of its plans and programs. I think they need to remember that nearly 50 percent of the popular vote went the other way in the last election, and most of those people are still out there with their belief that government (Democrats and Republicans) is not qualified to run anybody's business let alone everybody's business. I don't think that any entity that has a business plan that consists solely of raising taxes and printing more money and then throwing the proceeds at anything that they deem to be a problem should get their undies in a twist when tax-paying Americans decide to call their bluff. As to the way that they are doing it, they really haven't been left with a lot of options. The mainstream media has chosen to buy in hook, line and sinker to their socialist agenda and so those who believe that government is the problem have been forced to choose other avenues to make their opinions known. Freedom of speech should apply to everyone but I'm sure that the current administration has made plans to "change" that too. I saw where a congressional leader said that this dissent was a threat to the "democratic process." Varying opinions and everyone's right to have one (at least up to now) is the democratic process. Live with it!


Scott City