I have been watching events unfold in our country over the last several months and am amazed at how little scrutiny is given to many of the ideas developed in Washington, many of which are clearly contrary to principles our nation was founded on. The move is toward bigger and bigger federal government with fewer responsibilities and rights of local government and, ultimately, the individual. The only explanation seems to be that human nature is inclined to believe that someone or some group in authority will solve the problems and difficulties in our lives instead of believing that each of us, with God's help can solve our problems.

Take, for example, the issue of health care which is now relevant nationally and locally, for me, since there is a possibility of the trauma care unit being shut down in the town where I live. Nationally, the present administration is wanting to take control of health care by further taxing the public and thereby providing health insurance for all. I do not believe that the quality or the cost of health care would improve if the federal government gets further involved. A better perspective is that anything an individual or local community can direct, they should do so and keep centralized government out of the picture. Take, for example, a local trauma unit and other medical services we hope to provide in our communities. We could fund and provide all the local health care services if the federal government was not taxing and squandering so much of our wealth. Late in 2008 a "stimulus package" that cost some $700 billion was approved by our federal government, money which we do not have. Interest on that expenditure amounts to something in the realm of $70 million per day. How many trauma units in this country could be funded if an additional $70 million were available in our towns and cities each day? And what benefit are we receiving locally for this "stimulus package?" Nothing that we could not provide ourselves if the money remained with us locally.

We have just completed a very successful harvest, but not without many weeks of preparation, with long hours of diligent labor and sacrifice of the farmers and custom cutters who own the equipment and provide the labor to complete the job. What if we decided to scrap the present system and instead instituted a "Federal Harvest Program" which would not require the individual farmer or custom cutter to put in the hours of preparation and actual harvest but would simply rely on a government controlled harvest crew to come swooping in and harvest all the grain in the country. All for the price of a "Harvest Tax." How many think that scenario would have a good outcome? It would not. Nor would a government-run health care system.