The purpose of the "Why Not Club" is twofold. To ask questions and to provide opinions on those important issues created by hired, appointed or elected officials.

The first two issues are the smoking ban and the flood plain insurance problem.

The smoking ban. Supposing all private club members made an agreement among themselves as to which clubs would be willing to obey this local ordinance and those that would be allowed to operate as usual. Would the city/county administrators agree to this idea? Is not trying to understand these people's needs more beneficial than a slap in the face and saying "Hey" get ungrateful like we are and be happy! A great many of these people put their lives on the line for us, and this is how we show our gratitude?

The flood plain fiasco. Those first people here for this project who did not know what a ravine or water wash was led the people to believe this whole thing was a farce. The people here need to know just how many inches of rain water it would take to put a level 12 inches of water in the whole flood plain area. As normal during a cloud burst water starts moving immediately to the lower levels. When water gets above these street drain levels, the natural runoff will be over the entire area because it will be downhill to the river. I want to know how many inches of water it would take and in the minimum length of time to create a flood plain area over 12 inches deep? Please answer this question before going any further.

Homeowners must realize that a 12 to 14 inches above ground water level would be a lot cheaper to control with a window well cover than paying for flood insurance. The people in town might want to encourage the railroad tracks be reworked to allow water through as they tend to act as a curb for excess rainfall. Get questions, get answers, then call for a research study from another source, call for a vote and demand that these people prove their point. This is the next thing to an eminent domain takeover, only this one is costing no one except the local homeowner and the other is a hidden graft tax and taxes all property owners. If these people are not willing to give you a choice or even research a choice, force the choice! Do not back down!


Garden City