Garden City received at least 3 inches of snow between Monday and Tuesday, but unfortunately for those with grand designs for fun in the snow, it wasn’t the best kind for snowball fights or snowmen.

“It was a pretty dry snow; we didn’t have a lot of moisture this time,” John Finch, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service at the Dodge City office, said. “It is the kind of snow that blows around because it is powdery. It is different from the wet snow, with which you can make snowballs easier, and it might be difficult to go out and make a snowman because, No. 1, it is so cold and No. 2 , the snow does not have a lot of moisture.”

The accumulation in Garden City was close to what was predicted by the National Weather Service. Other towns in southwestern Kansas also received between 1.5 and 3 inches.

Finch said going by snowfall map figures taken at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, Dodge City had 2.2 inches, Garden City had at least 3 inches, Deerfield had 2.8, Ulysses 2.3, Ness City 1.3, Jetmore 1.5, Cimarron 2.5, Ingalls 3.2, Elkhart 2.5.

The wind chill will get down to about 23 degrees below zero by morning in Garden City. Already, there is a wind chill advisory for Dodge City and Garden City and there is a wind chill warning for Lakin, Syracuse and Scott City. The wind chill warning comes into effect at about 25 degrees below zero out in the west of Kansas.

Wind chill values remained low Tuesday in Dodge City, Finch said — about 15 degrees below zero — but could get slightly better overnight in Dodge City.

“We expect to get down to about 7 degrees below zero tonight (in Dodge City),” he said. “The winds are going to be dropping off, but the temperatures will drop too.”

Wednesday is expected to be partly cloudy in Garden City, with a low around 6. Wind chill values will be as low as -5 and southwest wind will be around 8 mph.

There is a 20 percent chance of snow after 4 p.m. on New Year’s Day. Otherwise, the day is expected to be mostly sunny, with a high near 31. Wind chill values will be as low as -6 with west wind 5 to 7 mph becoming south southwest in the afternoon.