To the Zoning Commission:

If you want to allow trucks to park at their residence, let it start in your neighborhood. In the winter, trucks are left running all night. Do you want to listen to a diesel engine run all night? In the warmer months, they start the trucks about 4 every morning and you get the smell and noise of diesel in your home. I bet you would be the first to raise cane about the noise and smell if they were allowed to park in your neighborhood. Oh, and when it is cold and we have had a snow, or even rain in the spring and summer, the trucks are parked out on the road, not on the side of the road but on the road. It gets so bad at times that if you needed EMS or the fire department, you would be out of luck because they would not be able to get through. This alone would, and will, cause a rise in home insurance. If the zoning commission continues on this course and the insurance does go up, it will be each and every one of you that I will file a suit against for the increase in homeowner's insurance. Why am I so concerned about this? My father owns/lives out in the area the zoning commission is talking about. When my mother was ill, and even the night she passed away, you could hear trucks running and smell the diesel and it didn't make any difference how late I stayed at night or how early I got there in the mornings. Just in Dad's area alone there are five trucks within a couple of houses. When my parents bought their house there were not too many houses in the area. You need to take care of what you have in town before you start telling the county what to do. We have enough trouble in that area when it rains because the county won't clean out or install culverts so the water will go down the ditch to the drainage ditch. Instead, it spreads out and some of the neighbors' homes get flooded. And if it rains more than an inch, we have Lake Schulman, which in the spring and summer brings many mosquitoes. Before the zoning commission starts telling the county what they should do, maybe they need to stop and ask themselves if this is something they would want or allow in their neighborhoods. The people that live in the area in question have the same rights as you do.