By The Telegram

It's been an up-and-down season so far for the Garden City High School bowling teams. Or as coach Kip Nichols put it Monday after the teams were swept at Dodge City, it's been a Jekyll and Hyde performance.

"It was Hyde not Jekyll this time for the girls at Dodge," Nichols said. "Two weeks ago, when we were at Liberal, they shot one of the best program scores, far and away, that we've had. And today, they were just totally lackluster. And they lost to a Dodge City team that never should have been in the same bowling center as them. I didn't consider the Dodge team a good team, by any means, our girls just didn't have it today. And it wasn't any one of them, it was all of them."

The GCHS girls bowled a 1,973 a far cry from the 2,230 the girls bowled in their last competitive match against Liberal on Jan. 26 and finished 65 pins behind Dodge City. The Holcomb girls squad bowled a 1,727.

The Lady Buffaloes didn't have a single bowler break the 500-barrier though several girls came just short as Rikkie Hemmert rolled a 495 series, Morgan Landgraf had a 492 and Audree Roth a 489 while Dodge City had two bowlers breach 500.

"Our varsity girls sure didn't have it," Nichols said.

Shannae Carman led the Lady Longhorns with a 465 series followed by Carey Watters (433) and Ashley Foreman (424) as the only Holcomb bowlers to break 400.

On the boys side, it was an emotional day for Garden City's Justin Perez, as he found out his grandmother died on Monday as the team got back into Garden City. Nichols said Perez looked like he was bowling with a purpose and ended with the top series of the triangular with a 717.

"On the ride over to Dodge, he never said a word to anybody. He sat there, looked out the window and you could tell he was getting his game-face on," Nichols said. "He was all about the business of bowling when he got into the bowling center today. He walked with a swagger, he threw every ball right. He didn't get any real breaks, he just knocked pins down."

However, the boys following Perez didn't do much as the next-best bowler for Garden City was Ryan Bordewick with a 581 series, followed by Dylan Burns with a 557 and Jared Powers at 555. Dodge City, on the other hand, had three bowlers top the 600-mark and another that was four pins shy as the Red Demons finished with a score of 2,624, well ahead of GCHS' 2,453.

"The guys didn't shoot bad, they shot a 2,453, which is a respectable score," Nichols said. "But it isn't when the team that bowled against you shot a 2,624. When a team bowls like that, you have to match their scores and Dodge came out and shot over 900 on the first game. When you get a team opening up on you like that, it's tough coming back from that."

The Holcomb boys finished with a team total of 1,834 with three bowlers reaching 400-plus series Chris Foreman with a 486 series, Levi Swann with 471 and Josh Davis at 434.

Garden City and Holcomb will travel to Great Bend on Thursday for a triangular at 3 p.m. Nichols is unsure of the status of Perez for the triangular, but he hopes that Perez's teammates will rally behind him on Thursday.

"I hope he takes whatever time he needs with his family and all that," said Nichols, who lost his father the day before a dual at Liberal in January. "But I hope his teammates step up for him, like they did for me. That's my hope."


Prep Bowling

Monday at Dodge City


Team Results Dodge City 2,038; Garden City 1,973; Holcomb 1,727

Individual Results

GCHS Rikkie Hemmert 495, Morgan Landgraf 492, Audree Roth 489, Erika Motley 463, Nici Hahn 432, Ashley Kells 403

Holcomb Shannae Carman 465, Carey Watters 433, Ashley Foreman 424, Christina Burns 371, Violet Ruiz 368, Hayley Walck 343

Dodge City Cayse Larman 532, Chantel Smith 508, Cynthia Morales 478, Christi Larman 474, Danielle Kenton 457, Blaise Jensen 452



Team Results Dodge City 2,624; Garden City 2,453; Holcomb 1,834

Individual Results

GCHS Justin Perez 717, Ryan Bordewick 581, Dylan Burns 557, Jared Powers 555, Juan Ramirez 516, Jacob Brungardt 501

Holcomb Chris Foreman 486, Levi Swann 471, Josh Davis 434, Dylan Knoll 377, Bryce Schuetz 360, Chance Conley 360

Dodge City Tyler Woods 688, Dylan Woods 669, Alex Simmons 632, Tanner Dalton 596, Cade Morgan 491, Chris Herbert 490