Something to fear from 'green slime'

Pink slime? Now hold on for one minute. I have worked for BPI, aka Beef Products Inc., for nearly 11 years and I have yet to see anything resemble "pink slime." BPI produces finely textured lean beef trimmings made from what else edible beef trimmings. Seems that Food Network, Jaime Oliver and ABC News have been spreading false information as to how we make our product. They claim we use inedible parts meant for non-human consumption, put household ammonia in it and feed our families with it. Absolutely no truth to this. In fact, we use beef trimmings from beef packing companies used for ground beef and luncheon meats, to name a few, all edible product. Jaime Oliver and ABC News have been scaring the heck out of concerned mothers and the public with incorrect information, calling it "pink slime." What you, as a concerned citizen, should be fearing is the "green slime" spewing out of their mouths (green slime is misinformation and lies). Not sure what Mr. Jaime Oliver's motivation is to scare people on lies but ABC News likes to create "sensationalism" to get you to listen to their program, it's all about ratings, even if it's lies. Today (Monday) was a sad day for the approximately 240 employees working for BPI. We have shut operations down due to our buyers not buying our product because of consumer concerns, all based on lies, aka what I call "green slime." Mr. Oliver or any representative from ABC have never stepped a foot in any of our facilities. They have no known facts to base their claims. But hey, don't take my word for it. Listen to the USDA, food scientists, renowned universities who studied our process. They have found our process, our product, to be wholesome, nutritious and safe for our families to eat. Now let's talk about ammonia hydroxide for a minute, something used in many foods consumed today. We use it to kill foodborne pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella. Works pretty darn good, too. Not one documentation to date of any illness or death. I don't think Jaime Oliver can claim that on his restaurant. And ABC News has managed to kill a lot of jobs for the hard-working, dedicated employees who were handed their pink slips Monday, not just here in Garden City but Amarillo, Texas and Waterloo, Iowa. I ask you, the consumer, to educate yourself on this issue and reverse this tragedy of misconception and lies, "green slime" and feel assured, BPI produces a safe product with your safety in mind. I have worked for the IBP, Excel and Con Agra beef companies, and all good ones, too, but BPI is second to no one on food safety. I should know, I have approximately 35 years working in the food industry, most of it in the quality assurance/food safety departments. Don't let "green slime" mislead you, educate yourself. Thank you for hearing me out.


Garden City