Questions on Morris' votes

The silly season rebuttal:

I read in disbelief Sen. Steve Morris's description of a Clintonesque right-wing conspiracy to defeat him and other liberal senators here in the state of Kansas. He describes this movement as being led by "well-funded outside special-interest groups" ready to spend millions of dollars. So let's take a look at these evil conservative groups willing to do anything to bring Mr. Morris down. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce located in Kansas, oh, scary. The conservative group Americans for Prosperity with a Kansas Branch located in Wichita, Kan., oh, double scary. Since when did the word conservative become a dirty word in the Republican Party? Only liberal Democrats talk like this, Mr. Morris. The fact is that Mr. Morris scored a minus 6 on the Economic Freedom Index recently released which looked at a cross section of economic bills voted on in the last session. Negative scores, not good. No wonder the chamber does not support him. Maybe it has to do with Obamacare and the Health Care Freedom Amendment? Mr. Morris said "every Republican in the Kansas Senate voted against Obamacare." You are trying to confuse people by talking about the Act and not the Amendment. You did everything in your power to stop the Amendment from getting on the ballot while you verbally expressed your approval in the passage of Obamacare when you said, "Having the money to implement this was a good move on the federal government's part." Mr. Morris, you seem to be worried about the tax situation in our state so are you worried about the millions of dollars in Obamacare taxes that Kansans are about to get slammed with the next couple of years? Fact is you did not do everything you could to protect Kansans from this nightmare. Maybe conservatives want you out of office because of your last-second decision to back out of a redistricting deal you made with the House that plunged the state into chaos and caused the maps to be sent over to a court to be drawn or the vote to eliminate a Republican House seat in southwest Kansas in an attempt to draw favor with your Kansas City liberal cronies or maybe it was a vote to allow illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition giving them preference over citizens of this great country or maybe it is just what you don't say, like the fact that school spending is set to increase this year. Sen. Morris, you have bigger problems than the evil right-wing groups that haunt your nightmares. You have a fact problem and voter problem. Your votes and policies are not in step with your constituents. You do not represent the ideals and values of the people of southwest Kansas anymore. A large majority of these people are conservative and believe in smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom and your votes do not align with their values.



Richmeier ready with experience

I am writing in support of Susan Richmeier in her bid to be elected County Attorney of Finney County, for I believe her education background and work background will show that she is well qualified for the position.

After graduation from Garden City High School, Susan attended Oklahoma State University and earned a bachelor's degree in elementary and special education. She then was accepted into the University of Oklahoma School of Law and was awarded a juris doctorate degree. While attending law school at OU, she was employed in the Cleveland County District Attorney's office and was involved in the investigation and preparation for trial of several juvenile offender and child pornography cases. Upon completing law school, she returned to Garden City and was employed at USD 457, teaching both gifted and special needs children for approximately seven years. During this period, she also received a master's degree in educational administration from Fort Hays State University.

Susan is married to Michael Richmeier, who is a Finney County resident and farmer. They have three children and the entire family is active in sports, church and community activities.

For the past 10 years she has owned and operated her own private law firm located at 110 W. Chestnut here in Garden City. As a part of her law firm endeavors, she has developed a highly successful mediation practice, which strives to get opposing parties to come to an agreement without court action.

When asked why she wants to be the Finney County Attorney, Susan says "I am passionate about Garden City and Finney County and ensuring that all the residents of the county have the protection due them under the law. I understand the office of County Attorney is one that comes with a multitude of pressures and issues from the public and private sector. If elected, my first priority will be to the people of Finney County."

I hope you will agree that Susan is exceptionally well qualified for the position, and I urge you to join me in voting for Susan Richmeier to be our next Finney County Attorney.


Garden City

Weeds become a growing problem

What's happening to our beautiful city?

I'd like to address two concerns I have for Garden City. First being that of vehicles parked on the grass or weeds in front yards. Yards were not intended to be a driveway or parking spot, just because it may be more convenient for you. The city has ordinances prohibiting this, yet you see it all throughout our town.

My second concern is the weed problems. Have you driven around town and noticed all the lawns that are now weeds? I'm not referring to the mowed lawns that have some dandelions, I'm talking about the "lawns" with weeds that are two to three feet tall. Garden City has ordinances which prohibit any weeds or grass taller than one foot, so why aren't these ordinances being enforced? Why are we allowing these two city violations to go on? Is it easier to ignore the problems than to address them? The ones breaking the city ordinances need to be held accountable and fined.

I ask our elected city officials to take notice and see where Garden City is headed. Garden City was named "Garden City" because of the beautiful gardens of one of our early settlers, Mrs. Fulton. Unfortunately, if we don't start taking notice, taking a stand and making changes, our city might be better named "City Full of Weeds." I'm challenging the people of Garden City to take pride in where you live.


Garden City