Absolute power corrupts absolutely

An open letter to the commissioners:

As a concerned local resident, I have followed the city and county commissions' actions for the past few years by what is reported in The Telegram. It is clear to me that most, if not all, commissioners are uninformed or misinformed about the system we have in place today. This country was founded upon free market capitalism but that no longer exists. The Constitution states "Congress shall coin money and regulate the value thereof" and it also says "no state shall make anything other than gold or silver a tender in payment of debt." In 1913, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act giving control of the monetary system to a private banking corporation. In the act it is stated the system now is a system of credit which is debt. Now it should be apparent why the country is $15 trillion in debt and who is in control of the government. Borrower is servant to the lender. Whoever controls the money controls the economy. The only solution is to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to an honest money system.

Now I want to go off on a short tangent to show the corruption inherent in the system. With control of governments through the monetary system, the bankers can play one country against another. They start wars and finance both sides and then finance the reconstruction when the wars are over and they make trillions while the people suffer the death and destruction. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In regards to fostering building and development, the first question is whose responsibility is it? It is certainly not the commissioners or the public. It is the market and with a clear need and honest money to ensure a profit, there would be competition to fill the need. As to Mr. Fankhauser's shock at the negative reaction, one must ask what political philosophy is it that steals from one to give to another? Well, it is communism and, thankfully, people do reject that. Now I digress to the money fraud again. When debt becomes so large as to be unpayable, then a collapse is imminent. Perhaps the builders and developers are smarter than our commissioners and see what is ahead and do not want to take the risk of being left holding the bag when the system crashes. Yet the commissioners are bent on ramming this garbage down our throats and I very strongly resent that. I demand that you obey the law. End the Fed.


Garden City

Generosity aids family in need

I have a heartwarming story. My friend, who just moved to Kansas, fell on hard times. Well, I am a member and so is she on Facebook, well, she had just got moved into her house on Dec. 1. She has three kids, one lives with the grandfather and he has paid for a flight to send her son here for Christmas. The bad part: she has no money to pick him up in Denver so she starts to put stuff up for sale on Facebook to raise the money somehow. Well, the amazing thing: Chris Parker and his family offered to give her the money to go get them and also she was without a stove to cook on, so through all our posts the word spread and everyone that has been able to help has blessed this family that they don't even know. They were going to deliver the items that were donated and that some purchased to her home in Dighton on Sunday the 11th. It's nice to know that there are still caring people out there to lend a hand when someone is in desperate need, some of the posts have brought tears to some.


Scott City

More pain in utility costs

It's a lovely day in the neighborhood when you can see public utility employees flipping over the lids on your water meters. It's a lovely day in the neighborhood when you can observe public utility employees reprogramming your electric meters. It's also a lovely day in the neighborhood when you can actually watch public gas employees changing out the face plates on your gas meters while they tell you gas prices are going to be going up. It's not a lovely day in the neighborhood when, as a homeowner, you can see, feel and just about choke on the lifeblood being sucked right out of you by overly inflated property evaluation, overly assessed property taxes and now rising utility costs. May God have mercy on all of us.


Garden City