Makenna Dee Long is the daughter of Tim and Tiffany Long of Garden City. Born March 29, 2012, she has two sisters, Alyssa Long, 13, and Sadie Long, 2 1/2, and a brother, Dylan Long, 10. Grandparents are Brian and Nancy Long of Garden City; Jean Ratzlaff of St. Louis, Mo.; Pat Schmidt of Garden City; and Doug and Michelle Schmidt of Holcomb. Great-grandparents are the late Grace Greenwood; the late Ben Long; Delores Long of Garden City; the late Ed and Shirley Schmidt; and the late Rosie Yardley.

Kenneth Skott Becker is the son of Kristian Pittillo and Tyler Becker of Garden City. Born April 11, 2012, he has a sister, Kassandra. Grandparents are Stacy and Vicki Becker of Garden City; and Amy Malchow and Mandi Pittillo of Garden City. Great-grandparents are Kenneth Brungardt of Garden City; Betty Miller of Silverton, Idaho; Lonnie Randle of Garden City; and Larry and Viann Becker of Garden City.