The White Haired Legislature and other senior citizens of Garden City and Finney County want the Legislative body for the state of Kansas to grant a property tax limit on those low- and fixed-income people when they reach their 65th birthday.

We know that times are tough, but those who exist on low-income jobs, along with those who have only Social Security income, need a lot of financial help. We also realize that not every elderly person is faced with these issues.

But we also think that all people need these benefits, as nearly all people under these circumstances have supported this nation for more than 45 years with their efforts, as they were involved in the labor force, whether their job was labor, management or as ownership. People of this state (Kansas) really need to have their leaders in the cities, county and state Legislature allow the homeowners to limit their property tax to their 65th birthday tax amount. Over the many years the property tax has been removed, adjusted, re-evaluated downward on different taxing sources, but property taxes on living quarters have been defended as the source of funding needed to sustain the society.

Right now the property taxes for properties that are owned by low-income earners or those on Social Security need them capped, especially for those older than 65, so call your representative and get a bill passed for capped taxes.

Kansas cities and counties need to adjust those necessary expenses to the absolute minimum we can get by with. We need to not expect the very best of everything and fix what we have rather than buy new.


Garden City