The World War II Honor Flight is not a hoax, but a dream come true for many World War II veterans. It is nationwide, honoring World War II veterans by flying them to Washington, D.C., to see the memorials.In the past 13 months, Central Prairie RC&D of Great Bend has flown 721 veterans and their guardians on eight quality excursions to Washington, D.C. They have toured and seen 11 memorials, four Smithsonians, held banquets, taken day and night visits to the World War II memorial, observed wreath ceremonies and seen the changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery.At no cost to the veteran, everything was provided: air fares, lodging, transportation in D.C., all meals including a super banquet. Wheelchairs were available for any who needed them and many veterans or guardians used them.Visits with U.S. Representative Jerry Moran and Sen. Elizabeth Dole were arranged and enjoyed by all. Some were privileged to visit with Bob Dole.We owe our gratitude to those who have spent so much time and worked so hard to make these tours well planned and so well organized.Thanks to Dan Curtis, project coordinator; Mike Waters, chairman; Mike and Connie Van Campen; Lowell Downey; Brenda Kuhlman; and to all others who have made it possible by giving their time and donation.I am thankful that I went the first week of October, along with my daughter as guardian, and with other veterans and their guardians from southwest Kansas. We flew out of Denver.It was a remarkable, wonderful tribute and I will cherish the memories and the honor. It would not have been possible to do it alone.Thanks again for those who have made this dream come true.I served in the Army in North Africa and Italy. I love America and believe it is the best nation in the world. I am glad to have served to help preserve our freedoms.God bless America.DELLA ENSLOW,Lakin