Show respect for business

I'm sure we are not the only people in the Garden City area elated that the Mitchell family decided to purchase the Dickinson Sequoyah 9 Theater and are in the process of renovating the complex to offer us first-class movie entertainment. With that being said, we should be thankful the Mitchell family decided to salvage the deteriorating condition of the complex. I pray that upon completion of their renovation the complex will create income sufficient to keep the doors open and enable the Mitchell family to provide full/part-time employment for young people attending high school or college. We should also make an effort to help the Mitchell family in maintaining their complex by doing our own housekeeping. It seems no one cleans up after themselves anymore. When the movie is over, there are two to three attendants armed with brooms and trash cans ready to clean up after we've seen a movie. Soft drink cups are left behind as well as containers of popcorn and food wrappers. We should respect other people's property, especially when that business lends to our off-time relaxation and enjoyment.

Why must people put their feet on the seat in front of them at a theater? They must do that at home! Why do people talk and text on cell phones during a movie? Why don't we clean up after ourselves anymore? Is it because we've forgotten what it is to show courtesy for those around us? Are we forgetting to teach our children what used to be called manners? We never stop to think about the more trash we leave behind, people have to be hired to clean up after us, which, in turn, causes prices to be higher just for the maintenance.

When we buy a ticket we should never think the admission price gives us the right to carve names on walls of bathrooms or to deface mirrors and hand-towel dispensers, nor does it give anyone the right to throw trash into the urinals or commodes.

Let's be grateful that we have business owners willing to invest in our communities and to thank them by doing our share to maintain a clean environment we can all be proud of. Pray that we all do our part in reporting defacing of property, whether it's at the Mitchell Theater or anyone else's property in any of our communities. If some portion of the public cannot be responsible, then it is up to the rest of the public to assist proprietors by reporting destructive behavior to the proper authorities.


Scott City

Successful run for train show

The Boot Hill Model Railroaders would like to thank everyone who attended our train show on March 20 and 21 in Garden City and made it a huge success.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors for their support. Also, a big thanks for the media coverage, especially The Garden City Telegram and KSN News.

We will be back next year, March 19 and 20. Tell your friends, family and neighbors.


Garden City

Turner is secretary of the Boot Hill Model Railroad Club.