Residents should welcome return of fireworks display.

Local fireworks vendors have a little more spring in their step this year, thanks to moves to ease restrictions on their sales.

And many Fourth of July revelers are eager to launch aerial fireworks previously banned in the community.

As the celebrations unfold, it's also a time to exercise caution. Fireworks can be dangerous when used improperly, and the local weather won't help.

With little relief from the heat and dry conditions in sight, it's understandable if some local residents choose to pass on their own fireworks in favor of public celebrations.

Garden City's annual Fourth of July fireworks would be one way to do so.

Last year's city fireworks display was shelved, and for good reason. Conditions were so extraordinarily dry that all fireworks were banned as a way to prevent grass fires.

This year, however, officials say conditions still will allow the local show to go on.

The greater concern will be in fireworks activity outside the city, due to vast, open spaces with dry vegetation that could easily catch fire.

A look to the west, and the alarming situation with a deadly wildfire threatening people and property, proves the threat. While lightning reportedly started that blaze, just one errant spark from fireworks could do serious damage in rural parts of our region.

Anyone who engages in fireworks outside the city also should consider the plight of firefighters left to battle fires in such conditions. Not only is it miserable to suit up in heavy gear and fight a blaze in extreme heat, it's also dangerous.

Ideally, fireworks activity outside the city would be banned once again. If that happens, folks still could take in a more controlled and spectacular show of pyrotechnics put on by the city and generous sponsors.

Indeed, many local and area residents will flock to Lee Richardson Zoo and the Finney County Fairgrounds to take in the fireworks. Others may watch from their homes as the booming, patriotic displays light up the night sky.

The annual observance of America's birthday is always worthy of such a show. Celebrate with gusto, and stay safe.