Thanks for help retrieving camera

Celebrating the birthdays of my sister and brother-in-law at a family lunch recently, I hastily grabbed my purse, coat and camera and rushed into the restaurant.

It wasn't until I reached for my camera to take pictures that I realized it was gone. After looking everywhere around our table, after retracing my steps from the restaurant to my car and, after a thorough search of my car all failed to produce my camera, I left instructions with the owner of the restaurant to contact me should my camera be found, all the while thinking I would never see it again.

Upon returning home, the phone number of our local GNC (General Nutrition Center) was on our caller I.D. There was no message, but I called the number thinking "could the call possibly be about my camera?"

The young lady who answered said her manager had tried to call and then told her that "someone would probably be coming in for the camera."

The manager wasn't at GNC when I retrieved my camera so I want him and everyone else to know how grateful I am to this fine young man for finding and returning my camera to me. Thank you.


Garden City