We hope this letter serves as a thank you to the citizens of Finney County who have supported our campaign this year. We are very grateful and inspired every year by your generosity.

This letter also serves as a reminder to those of you who have meant to make a donation and have not yet done so. You can send your contributions to FCUW at Box 1268, Garden City. If it would help, we will accept quarterly payments or you might ask your employer if payroll deduction is possible.

Year after year, our community shows tremendous support for the United Way, allowing us to support programs within 18 agencies and two community initiatives. In turn, the programs funded by United Way support thousands of people, possibly your neighbors, colleagues, family members and friends who need the support of a United Way agency. Supporting the United Way guarantees that your money will make a big difference in someone's life, right here in Finney County.

At the United Way, we often encourage our fellow residents to LIVE UNITED. This slogan challenges us to work together to advance the common good of all. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all.

Gratefully yours,


Garden City

Scheopner is a board member of the Finney County United Way, along with Grant Elpers, secretary; Phil Escareno, president; Isela Hall; Bob Halloran, vice president elect; Shelly Kiblinger, treasurer; April Kramer; Chris Law; Carol Lee; Steve Martinez; Tami McIntyre; Chris Mesa; and Jackie Miller.