LAKIN In front of a home crowd, the Lakin Lady Broncs did not disappoint.

Lakin went 3-0 in a Hi-Plains League volleyball quad, coming out in each match with all guns blazing, for the most part.

Steve Davidson's team controlled the first game of each match with all barrels loaded. They allowed just eight, 11 and 10 points in those first games.

It was the second-game misfires that needed some work.

The Broncs overcame a slow start in game two against Wichita County, a 9-5 deficit in game two against Stanton County, and a tight game against Satanta.

But as let-ups go this season, Davidson said these weren't that bad.

"We played very well the first games. The second games, that happens a lot in volleyball," he said. "We played well enough to get the job done."

In all three first games, Davidson said his team made few mistakes, especially with serves and hits.

Against Stanton County, his team jumped out to a 13-1 lead. Against Satanta, it was 12-2, including nine straight serves for senior Mariah Hill.

The intensity, though, seemed to slip in the follow-up games.

"You have to keep that same focus throughout the match," Davidson explained. "We probably played as well as we have all year, those first games. The good thing about the matches was the "lows" for the girls were not very drastic at all. The girls were able to work out of those."

On the other end was Satanta, going 0-3 on the night. But coach Ashton Wenta was pleased with her team's effort.

"We need to finish," she said. "We go out where we have spurts of doing great things. Then we have spurts of silly mistakes and we get down and it's hard for us to get caught up when we get down there."

In match two, her Lady Indians went back and forth with Wichita County, falling 25-22 in the first game. In game two, the two teams battled through six ties after 8-8, the last at 21-21. They also fell to Stanton County 25-17, 26-24.

It's the story of the season for her young team, which graduated all its starters last year, Wenta said.

"We get a few on top and then we might get down one or two errors and we seem to stay down there," she said. "We have trouble getting back up."

To play close, she said, is a positive for her girls, especially with just one win this season.

Stanton County coach Jill Scott only has two seniors on her squad.

"We're pretty inconsistent right now," she said. "But when we're playing at our high level, we're very, very good."

That was apparent in the first match against Satanta. In game two, they came back midway through and put it away, but not before Satanta mounted a late comeback attempt.

"This group of girls never quits," Scott said. "We were down 13-1 at one point against Lakin, but they still fought."

Wichita County coach Julie Conard liked her team's effort, despite going 1-2.

"We played with a lot of tenacity tonight that we have not been playing with lately,"

Senior Makenna Clark served out the final game against Satanta for their lone win, but they fell to Stanton County in a tight match, 25-21, (they were down 23-16 at one point) and 25-23.

"We're pleased with our attitude, improvement and intensity level," Conard said. "We looked better tonight than we have been."

Conard said her team finally played like they believed they could win. She added that most of her girls had never played varsity until this season, so she likes their progress so far.

"I want them to watch the tape (of their three matches) and see what a good job they did," Conard said.

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