TOPEKA The Kansas Department of Agriculture has launched a new,

interactive website,, for the rebranded

state agricultural trademark program, From the Land of Kansas.

The website, which offers interactive features, including an Explore

From the Land of Kansas map, a Buy Sell portal, a Central Registration

of Farmers' Markets and more, is part of the agency's ongoing efforts

to connect Kansans with Kansas companies that offer Kansas agricultural

products and services from the farm to the fork.

Among the features of the website are the Explore From the Land of

Kansas map and the Buy Sell portal. The interactive map allows

consumers to enter a known region or postal code in Kansas and find

Kansas owned and operated businesses near them. The Buy Sell portal

allows From the Land of Kansas members to post agricultural products and

services for sale. Kansans and Kansas companies looking to purchase

specific Kansas products can search the Buy Sell portal and directly

respond to the From the Land of Kansas member's post.

From the Land of Kansas is dedicated to helping Kansas food and

agricultural companies succeed in the marketplace. Five membership

levels offering various marketing and promotional benefits are available

to Kansas owned and operated agricultural businesses. Specific

information about becoming a member or a partner of From the Land of

Kansas is also available on

Visit the new From the Land of Kansas website to find Kansas

products, goods and services across the state or to learn more about

becoming a From the Land of Kansas member or partner.