This Tax TEA Party put on last week is a sham put on by true haters of democracy. It's such a shock that now, after we went from $500 billion budget surplus in 2000 when President Bush entered office to $400 billion budget deficits when he left including a trillion-dollars deficit in a pointless, useless war in Iraq that killed more than 4,000 Americans, these people start screaming about the federal government spending. Not a word was said in the previous eight years.

Under Obama the only taxes that have been raised at this point are cigarette taxes, and 95 percent of working Americans have received a tax cut under his administration. The federal stimulus is just getting into the economy and its effects have already been felt. If it wasn't for the stimulus plan hundreds of teachers across Kansas would be out of work because of major cuts the state has done to education. The stimulus spending helped districts make up some of those cuts.

Our "esteemed" representatives at the tea party showed their stupidity by opening their mouths. Mr. Neufeld needs to only look in the mirror if he wants to see someone not interested in helping the poor and is only interested in "building their own power." Mr. Huelskamp's praise for a crowd to "exercise their rights to bear arms" against the government is of itself treason. He also said "any power is not their (federal lawmakers) it's our, we the people." In a Republic when we the people elect our representatives we give them the power to enact the laws of this nation. Now if you don't like the job they do, you have the power to elect someone else, but the purpose of having a Republic is to give the power of ruling over to those chosen to rule.

I'll bet every TEA party member doesn't mind taking federal dollars for Medicare, Social Security, student loans and grants and farm subsidies. Paying taxes is part of our American history. When our federal government was created our government established a unified federal currency, created a national bank, created taxes on the people to pay for war debts and, when a rebellion broke out by groups upset at the taxes, it was President Washington and the U.S. Army that rode out to put it down.

These TEA Party people think they're great Americans and are like our founding fathers. They can't even get their facts right about our history. When the real tea party took place, it wasn't about high taxes. In fact, the tea in the Boston Harbor the British sent over was going to be cheaper than the tea they were previously buying. It had to do with taxation without representation. We have representation and the American people spoke in November who they wanted and now you people are acting like babies because you lost. All that protest is about are spoiled babies who can't accept change, or maybe it's that they just can't accept that change is coming from a black man.