GOP determined to block progress

Having listened enough to what President Obama has not accomplished, I would like to point out a few things he has accomplished: 1) kept the banks from collapsing, avoiding a depression and put regulations in force to keep it from happening again; 2) saved the automobile industry who have paid back their loan in full; 3) his health plan is providing health care for thousands who have not had it before; 4) the interest rate on student loans will be maintained, not raised, so more young people can get a college education without taking the rest of their life to pay it off; 5) has strengthened our relationship with foreign countries around the world; 6) is bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq as well as eliminating Osama bin Laden and Kadafi from the world.

He has accomplished most of this with absolutely no help from the Republicans in Congress who have been obsessed with only one thing and that is to do everything in their power to prevent Obama from having a second term as president. They have been against anything that might show Obama to be successful health care, contraceptives for women, equal pay for women, a transportation bill that would create several million jobs, lowering taxes on the middle class, providing family services for women and the list goes on and on. Basically, they are against anything that might be beneficial for America or the American people.

Do you really want to put your future in the hands of such irresponsible people? Think about it.


Garden City

Students could handle project

Positions in Congress at the state and national level have become a profession rather than a service. Surely, we have capable and competent people in Kansas and the United States who sincerely want both Kansas and the United States to become a better place to live, and would work toward that end without career and political emphasis.

The redrawing of the Kansas Congressional Districts was a political disgrace. I would propose Kansas would have had a quality plan if the project had been placed in the hands of two senior high school students with the highest grade-point average from each of the following counties Cheyenne, Morton, Cherokee, Donophin and Rice using guidelines and a completion date of two weeks. Permit those 10 seniors to select their chairman after a one-day project discussion and go from that point to completion. The cost would have been much less, and the end result would not hold political overtone, but would have been carefully designed for the betterment of the citizens in this great state.


Garden City

Check sources on terminology

I am writing in response to the story in The Telegram on June 12 concerning an accident on Railroad Avenue. A semi-trailer cannot be driven. A semi-trailer is towed by a semi-truck. A trailer has no motor, steering wheel or transmission. I believe Mr. Alford was most likely struck by a truck that was towing the trailer. While I'm at it, there is no such thing as a "front-loader." There is a front-end loader or a wheel loader. When you don't know the proper terminology, please do your readers a favor and check with sources that do know.


Garden City