The objective is economic growth. Who benefits? All county taxpayers.

The idea is to put together a coalition of guarantors. The Coalition of City Council and County Commissioners would be the primary source for start up. All operational costs, expansion costs and other costs will be in the guidelines. Suppliers and markets may be approached for suggestions and interest. Once this is in place and the start-up costs are approved, then the guarantors would have a look at what is needed. The Guarantors and the Coalition would have to provide an agreement on how to settle the costs in case of failure.

The thing to remember is that people in your community have ideas that need developed. Create the ability for those ideas to become beneficial to your county.

Finney County has more than 20 years of Finney County Economic Development Corp. operational costs that exceed $2.4 million and maybe one result to their credit. That money will be better used as the way expressed above. If the above idea does not work for three years, then this Coalition can stop spending money on development. If you do this and nothing happens, you have at least saved the taxpayers money.

The FCEDC now wants more than $2 million to gamble with as a beginning. The City County Coalition has made mistakes before that taxpayers do not know about.



Garden City