Logos help instill pride, sell what they represent.

College brands are among some of the more recognizable images we see day to day.

With Kansas State University's "Powercat" logo, for example, it's safe to say many people even if they have no direct ties to the school know what the image represents.

This week, Garden City Community College will unveil its own new logo design.

GCCC last did as much more than 20 years ago. As GCCC Executive Director of Public Relations Steve Quakenbush noted, that's longer than the usual shelf life for most collegiate logos or corporate emblems.

In other words, it's time for a change. After all, GCCC has changed over the years in evolving into a school for not only traditional academic preparation, but also vocational education, job training and other continuing education opportunities that deliver more far-reaching benefit in the community than ever before.

And credit GCCC for utilizing its in-house strength, rather than outsourcing work on the logo. Tiffany Heit, who manages GCCC printing and graphic design services, designed the artwork to be unveiled in an event from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Friday at GCCC's central campus mall.

GCCC Executive Director of Marketing Cathy McKinley, also involved in creation of the logo, rightly tied the new image to school successes.

GCCC recently made the Aspen Institute College Excellence Program's top 10 percent of community colleges nationwide.

GCCC also was ranked No. 3 among two-year postsecondary educational institutions in Kansas, and 24th in the nation in student success. The American Institutes for Research rankings were based on the percentage of students who transferred to a baccalaureate institution within three years, and the percentage who graduated within three years.

"As one of the top-ranked community colleges in the nation, GCCC needs to convey an image of success, collegiality and excellence," McKinley said.

A good, solid brand does indeed instill pride and help sell what it represents.

Crafting a new brand is more than an exercise that takes place every couple of decades or so. It's a rare opportunity to create something special that drives results.

Consider the new GCCC logo a daily reminder of as much.