I feel a sitcom coming on.

Now that we have found a buyer for our home and have a date for when we'll be moving to Humphrey, Neb., all that remains are the details a lot of details.

We actually will be making a couple moves.

Our furniture will stay in Columbus in a storage unit, and my wife, Kelly, and I will be bunking with her parents in Norfolk, Neb., for a little more than two weeks.

I asked Kelly how it felt to be moving back in with her parents after all these years. She joked that I was such a good provider, this is the life I've given her.

Funny woman.

I just hope my father-in-law isn't prone to walking around the house naked. I might be sleeping in my vehicle.

Of course, we are fortunate and grateful they are willing to put up with us. It probably will be more of an inconvenience for them than us.

Although there are a lot of things swimming around in our heads, it's also an exciting time.

We are looking forward to our new home and our new hometown.

We are looking forward to getting settled after months of talk and speculation, planning and preparation and enough house cleaning to last us at least until we move to Humphrey.

If our cat and dog could talk, I'm sure they would say enough already, pick a home and stay there.

They were uprooted every time we had to show our house, and since they are older, we hope they adapt to their new surroundings.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do before we move.

We moved some furnishings to a storage unit while the house was on the market in an effort to de-clutter our home and make it look more open.

We have moved some things to the basement of the newspaper.

But we still have a lot to pack up and a lot of furniture to move to a larger storage unit.

Making the chore a little easier is that our children are in college, along with most of their belongings.

We will take the minimal to the in-laws' house, and the rest will be packed away for the second move.

In between, there is setting up closing times for the house we're selling and the one we're buying.

There is coordinating satellite television hook-ups, appliance deliveries, changing our address, meeting with realtors and bankers and probably 101 things I can't even think of.

I love it.

It's hard sometimes to sit still thinking about what it finally will be like to move into our new home.

It's also odd to think that once we move here, my visits to Columbus will be few and far between.

My wife will still work there, so she'll be there regularly.

Our children's respective boyfriend and girlfriend still live there, so they'll be back often.

The only thing I can think of that may draw me back to Columbus is going to see an occasional high school and American legion baseball game there since my son played with some of those kids.

It's odd that I spent almost 11 years in a town, a place where my children spent most of their lives, and now I won't have much reason to go back.

I felt the same after living in Garden City for seven years before moving back to Nebraska.

Life takes you on many journeys, and sometimes you leave pieces of yourself along the way.

Conversely, you plant yourself in other places and take root.

Patrick Murphy, of Columbus, Neb., is a former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.