Thank you to all of you who have contributed to the 2010 Finney

County United Way campaign. Finney County United Way is working hard in

this community to address the various needs that present themselves.

The mission is to focus our community and resources to make the

greatest difference in meeting identified human needs in Finney County.

We invite you to be a part of the change that we envision. With your

help, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for a better

tomorrow. Those could be empty words unless you have firsthand

experience with the folks that work in the 21 agencies that are

assisted by United Way community funds. They have the privilege of

seeing results.

The funds are yours. United Way is the manager of those funds, and

the agency clients are the beneficiaries. No one can take this task on

alone. That's what it means to LIVE UNITED.

Our goal is to create long-lasting changes that prevent problems

from happening in the first place. We are working to advance the common

good by focusing on education, health and financial stability. These

are the building blocks for a good life a quality education that

leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through

retirement and good health.

As we strive to reach our $550,000, we look to you for financial

help. If you haven't sent in your contribution, please do so in order

that the needs can be met that will benefit all of us. Our mailing

address is P.O. Box 1268, Garden City, KS 67846. You will be part of

the mission, and you will be glad you were! Thank you.


Garden City

Anderson is executive director of the Finney County United Way.