Please explain to me...

How can folks equate marching, demanding to be allowed to break the laws of our nation, to be equated with a civil rights issue? Our country, as all countries, has laws we are expected to live by and those who disobey the laws are criminals.

We, as the American citizens of this nation, do not have the right to pick and choose which laws we wish to obey and which we can refuse to recognize. So my question to all is: What gives "illegal aliens" the civil right to disrespect our laws, our citizens and our nation and demand the right to ignore and disobey the laws of our country and try to turn this into a civil rights movement or a racist issue?

Every country has immigration laws that all the folks of the world are expected to recognize, honor and obey. If you are in any country illegally, you are breaking that country's laws and are a criminal.

This is not a civil rights issue. This is not a race issue. It is a criminal issue and the right of every country and citizen to object, enforce their laws and prosecute the law breakers. If you are a law breaker, criminal, you need to correct your actions and quit complaining if a country and the citizens of that country wish to enforce its laws.

I support Arizona's right to pass laws, Senate Bill 1070, enforce their laws and expect their citizens to abide by their laws. Our federal government has failed to protect the citizens of the United States from illegal entry, by illegal aliens.


Garden City