Kutless delivers memorable concert

It was very gratifying to see the large picture of Christian rock band Kutless and their audience on the front page of the Aug. 27 Telegram. When my husband and I went to the concert, I knew it was going to be a memorable experience. I'd been to one of their concerts before at the local high school with my oldest daughter.

The band has such a rich, full sound it takes a while to realize that Jon Micah does almost all the vocals. Besides being a good vocalist and instrumentalist, he also does a great job energizing the crowd and connecting with individuals emotionally. He's an exceptional communicator and does a good job explaining what the Christian life is all about.

Different people can take the same Bible verse and interpret it in their own way. Romans 8:32 says, "He (God) who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things." Some Christians (one famous pastor comes to my mind that likes to encourage people and give them hope) would likely emphasize how generous God is and how if we ask him for blessings, he will give them to us. Jon Micah interpreted the verse in another way, a way I'd been considering if God wouldn't spare his son from suffering, there are times he won't spare us from suffering, either. Sometimes we need to make sacrifices to help others. I believe both lines of thought are accurate.

Kutless may not be the best name for the band. While it is true that Jesus took the cuts for the band, it's apparent that they are daily "taking the cuts" for others not dying and being raised from the dead like Jesus did so we could follow, but making sacrifices nonetheless. They are all married. Some have children. They spend a lot of time touring and away from their families which is not easy as we see with the military. They aren't always thought of as being "cool" by those in the secular world. Christians, in general, are sometimes ridiculed for their actions and beliefs as many already know.

It was so amazing encountering a group with nearly a million Facebook, etc., followers. I talked to the drummer, Jeff. He was a very striking individual. I asked him to give a card to Jon Micah that I'd addressed to him and the band. They'd encouraged me in a very real, meaningful way and I wanted to offer something that would uplift them. It's no secret that Kutless is one of my very favorite bands. Their new album, "Believer," is packed with great songs. When you can't carry on, carry on.


Garden City

Help contribute to Windsor effort

Dear citizens,

In conjunction with FallFest, Saturday, Sept. 15, the Finney County Preservation Alliance will be holding a rummage sale and "before" tours in the Windsor Hotel from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Currently, we are seeking non-clothing donations for the occasion and the Windsor will be open for drop-offs from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday afternoon, Sept. 8, plus 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14, or by arrangement.

If you support the gains we've made, please contribute goods or plan on attending to find a purchase to go toward assisting our further efforts. There will be artifacts from the Windsor basement available to procure. Also, orders for branded 125th anniversary benches fashioned from salvaged Windsor joists will be taken.

The Windsor Hotel has stood witness to a majority of our city's history, dearth and surplus, obscurity and eminence. In so doing it has become the fabric of our common experience.

For those who have never had the experience to step inside, tours will be available concurrent with the rummage sale. This will be the last "Before Tour" prior to upcoming Transportation Enhancement grant work. Ground-floor ceilings will be opened to the original 17-foot height and several stabilization projects undertaken. Plus, a new roof and skylight will be installed in the spring. Come get a full description of the work at the tours.

Following the FallFest event the Noon Day Lions Club wants to hold another Haunted House in October with earnings benefiting the Alliance as well as the zoo and Emmaus House. Currently, they're in search of a space with "fire sprinkler system'' to use for the event. If you have or know of a spot let me know. When a location is determined we'll need a cast of volunteers to put on another fun, scary event with benefits going to several good causes.

The Alliance looks forward to your participation. The Windsor is the keystone building of our city and area, and the underpinning for keeping the heart of our city vibrant. If you have any questions or leads give me a call.

Special thanks to D.V. Douglass Roofing and Volvo rental for recent donated work and equipment to secure loose tin on the Windsor.



Garden City

Harness is president of the Finney County Preservation Alliance.