Here are a few random thoughts about what’s been going on in my world and around the world:

Everyone looks at the dollars that athletes make, and they make a lot, but have you ever considered what it would be like to have a family and be traded?

Thursday, Dallas Latos, the wife of pitcher Matt Latos, took to Twitter to find if her husband was going to be traded and to where because rumors were swirling.

He was, and the family will be moving from Cincinnati to Miami.

Imagine finding out on Twitter your spouse’s company was relocating him.

At least it happened in the off-season, so the family can move together.


Mike Riley is the new Nebraska football coach. He seems like a nice guy.

A friend of mine works for Husker Illustrated and told me via text that Riley’s disposition had a lot to do with the hiring.

Many Nebraska fans took all of two minutes to declare it a terrible hire.

Maybe Riley should be given a year or two to get his footing. He’s never experienced anything close to Nebraska football and the expectations, but he deserves a chance to see what he can do.


Justin Bieber is following me on Twitter.

I have no idea why, but I’m kind of creeped out.


I can’t help but wonder if we are heading toward another period of civil unrest in this country.

I don’t care what side people take over the recent deaths of African-Americans at the hands of the police, more civil rights issues will do more harm to this country than people realize.


This is one of the best times of the year — Major League Baseball’s winter meetings.

I love baseball, and I love trades, and there’s nothing like multi-millionaires getting raises for playing a game most of us grew up playing for fun.


I am eager to see how Republicans and Democrats respond to the mid-term election results when they convene in January.

I’m hopeful they can find some middle ground; that both sides remember why they were elected and re-elected.

I’m not optimistic, but hopeful.


When I was a kid and time crawled, I never understood why my parents were never as excited as I was about Christmas.

Now I know.

Gifts come and go, but family friends and celebrating for the right reason lasts a lifetime.


Speaking of Christmas gifts, it seems post-Thanksgiving shopping numbers were down.

I don’t know if people are getting tired of Black Friday or there just weren’t big enough bargains to draw shoppers to the stores.

It’s a mixed bag. Maybe people are shopping less, but the economy thrives on those shoppers.


When ESPN came on the air, I thought it was the greatest thing ever for a sports fan.

Now, I can’t remember the last time I watched SportsCenter. It’s become just like the 24-hour news channels: a lot of people giving their opinions and speculating without much fact.


It’s good to have my kids around the house more now that they are on break from college because it makes the house seem more like a home.

Patrick Murphy, of Humphrey, Neb., is a former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.