Show support for children

Once again, blue pinwheels are popping up in front yards and at community events, spinning statewide as our country recognizes the month of April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Pinwheels have been distributed statewide by Kansas Children's Service League and Spirit of the Plains, Court Appointed Special Advocates. The pinwheel represents Prevent Child Abuse Kansas' efforts to change the way our state thinks about prevention, focusing on community activities and public policies that prioritize healthy child development and ensure that child abuse and neglect never occur so that children are safe, healthy and at home with their parents.

Research shows that when families are supported, children are less likely to be at risk for child maltreatment and are more likely to grow up happy, healthy and ready to learn. Prevention saves money. For every dollar invested in prevention services, seven dollars are saved through more costly interventions throughout the child's life like health care, special education or foster care. Yet too many of America's children continue to live in neglectful or abusive environments that are toxic to healthy brain development. It is the most fundamental obligation of our nation to support the healthy development of each and every child. Today's children are America's future leaders, parents and workers and our country's prosperity depends on their healthy growth and development.

At KCSL and CASA we believe that the vast majority of parents can and will do what is best for their children if the knowledge, tools and supports are available to help them. We can help prevent child abuse and neglect from ever occurring by helping parents be the best they can be.

We have awakened to the impact we can have on our children when we take action. We encourage you to plant a blue pinwheel in your yard or at your place of business as a commitment to raising strong families. You can learn more about how you can make a difference for Kansas children by calling Spirit of the Plains, CASA at 271-6197, by visiting the Kansas Children's Service League's website at or by calling the Parent Helpline at 1-800-CHILDREN. With appreciation for your support,



Garden City

Dalton works at KCSL; Escareno works at CASA.

Invest money in solar, wind

Ike told us what would happen if the military industrial complex took over. We spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined. We should invest that money in solar and wind energy. China is investing billions in solar, Turkey $58 billion in wind.


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