Harness' vision pays dividends

While we are very fortunate to have so many candidates willing to serve our community, one in particular stands above the rest. Nancy Harness brings many qualities that have served her and the community well during her current term as our city commissioner.

The fact that Nancy is so well regarded by and communicates regularly with a wide segment of our community will continue to allow her to tap into the true heart of our vibrant and varied city. As a lifelong member of our community, she has the ability to evaluate how we have come so far as well as a vision to look toward our future needs.

Nancy has shown the willingness to place a well thought out and well researched dissenting vote when doing so was in the best interests of Garden City. This ability to think "outside the box" as well as the outreach which she has pioneered toward the younger electorate of our community has not only begun to pay dividends but will undoubtedly continue to do so for many years. I strongly urge you to join me in voting to re-elect Nancy Harness as our city commissioner.


Garden City

Harness shows common sense

I am very happy to write a letter of support for the re-election of Nancy Harness to fill a seat on the Garden City Commission. I have appreciated her input on the Commission. In arriving at her decisions she has shown an independent spirit, always supporting the most important needs of the community without losing sight of the need to be conscious of the costs. She sees the big picture but insists that solutions be practical, cost efficient and full of common sense.

She cares about the rich diversity of the community and makes herself accessible to anyone who has a concern or solution to a problem. She is such a good listener what an asset in the rush, rush life people experience today.

Please join me in voting on April 5 to elect a candidate of great integrity and willingness to serve.


Garden City

Sosa possesses key experience

Liz Sosa is the city commissioner candidate of choice. Level head, humble heart, hands-on experience with economic development and an understanding on how the city budget and taxes work, Liz is ready to take Garden City to the next level. Liz's progressive thinking and fiscal responsibility, along with her creative ability to combine old and new ideas, enable her to move Garden City forward in a positive direction. Not only does Liz have innovative ideas and understands the needs and wants of the community, she has the knowledge and ability to get them accomplished. I ask you to give Liz the nod, and vote Liz Sosa on April 5.


Garden City

Cessna deserves voter support

For the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the unparalleled work ethic of Roy Cessna in his role as public information coordinator at both USD 457 and St. Catherine Hospital. I feel strongly that he will bring the same passion and dedication to his role as a member of the City Commission. Please join me in voting for Roy Cessna for Garden City Commission on April 5.


Garden City