My wife is a descendant of the Moody, Drussell and Scheer families of Garden City. We live in North Texas. A few days ago, we returned from Garden City after visiting her two uncles over Thanksgiving.

Once again, we are reminded how Garden City is precious to us. They say you can tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much. I can honestly tell you that this Texan finds himself wanting to move to Garden City after each visit. Our children enjoyed the Lee Richardson Zoo (where my wife's grandpa, Troy Moody, worked for years). They climbed the zoo park's playground "rocket," just like my wife did as a little girl. My son and I walked around the Amtrak station and enjoyed the sound of trains at all hours of the day and night. And maybe best of all, I enjoyed the thriving and diverse activity of the Garden City Main Street. Just to see your storefronts that aren't shuttered, amidst Christmas lighting and people walking on sidewalks with Patrick Dugan coffee in hand is a refreshing thing to behold. It's wonderful to see and experience anew each time we visit. My wife has fond memories as a girl visiting her grandparents in Garden City, and now she does as an adult. Each visit brings new memories.

So, we write to say "Thanks and Keep up the Good Work" once again to the citizens of Garden City. We appreciate the town and its citizens very much.


Lewisville, Texas