Schmidt helped boost Sunflower

The Attorney General is Kansas' highest ranking law enforcement

officer. He or she may prosecute some of the most horrific crimes that

occur within our borders. Prosecuting criminals is a critical aspect of

the AG's office; however, the AG must also be able to interpret and

uphold state statutes, discerning legislative intent and helping to

ensure their constitutionality.

In 2008, Attorney General Paul Morrison ruled that Kansas statutes

gave KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby the authority to regulate carbon dioxide

emissions, and current AG Six upheld his predecessor's opinion. Bremby

used that opinion to issue a controversial denial of Sunflower

Electric's air quality permit.

Since then I have worked with Derek Schmidt and observed firsthand

his prodigious knowledge of Kansas law. He understood the negative

impact this ruling had on the Kansas business climate. Senate Majority

Leader Derek Schmidt and Senate President Steve Morris led the

successful charge to overturn this disastrous decision.

The Kansas business community expects the AG to interpret laws

fairly free from bias and without an underlying political agenda.

We do not need another AG who is held hostage to the special

interests that have fought this project and the thousands of jobs it

will bring. When you vote this fall, please remember we need an

attorney general with the education and expertise to interpret the law

as well as the ability to prosecute crimes. Please join me in voting

for Derek Schmidt for attorney general.


Garden City

Mayo serves on the Finney County Commission.