I'd like to respond to Mr. Rodenbur's view on "Protesters should know American history." I do agree with you, Mr. Rodenbur, we should all know our history. Sadly, our education system is failing our children when it comes to American history.

Where did all that budget surplus you wrote about come from? If you can recall, there was a man named "Newt," and his "Contract with America," that balanced the budget and created the surplus and stopped Clinton's run-away spending. History, Mr. Rodenbur.

Our great President Washington didn't ride against his government, it was the British and their taxes he fought against as General Washington. That happened before the Declaration of Independence.

If you know anything about our Constitution and our founding fathers, when they formed our republic form of government, they gave the federal government the responsibility of defending the states and to promote commerce between the states and foreign countries.

Did you know, regardless of what President Obama says, we are a Christian nation, all but a handful of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Christians. This country was founded on Christian principals. It was the states' responsibility to govern themselves and to educate their children, of which the Bible was the primary reader. You can see how far our governments have strayed from the founding fathers' original intent. Yes, I said governments.

If you really want to learn more about American history and how our founding fathers formed our government, a good book to read is "The 5000 Year Leap." Our federal government has overstepped its powers for many, many years.

The TEA parties are a movement to bring attention to the out of control spending of our governments, city, state, federal, etc. The federal government is ramming through legislation that not one of them have read. The so-called stimulus package was one of them! What's the big rush? Why not discuss the bills in Congress before they are passed and it's too late. Spending your way out of financial collapse didn't work in FDR's time, it didn't work in Jimmy Carter's time, it sure hasn't worked in Japan since the '90s. They are still feeling the effects of their banking collapse. They've poured trillions of dollars into their banking system and it's still failing. Mr. Rodenbur, study your history!

I'm sure most TEA partiers pay their fair share of taxes and don't complain if their taxes are spent wisely, and not putting a burden on our children and future generations. As far as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, if Clinton had pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden, there might not have been a 9-11 and no wars.

Sir, you, I believe, are the spoiled brat. Your president's popularity is plummeting, according to the polls, like a fizzed-out rocket! If you recall your history, we don't have a black president, Mr. Rodenbur, his mother was white.


Garden City