More nonsense from Huelskamp

When Tim Huelskamp was in the Kansas Senate, he was disciplined by the presiding officer. For all the readers in southwest Kansas who would not know who the president of the Kansas Senate was then and is to this date, it was none other than Steve Morris.

On July 31, 2012, Huelskamp issued from his "Washington" office a letter campaigning against Steve Morris. It is full of half-truths and the usual Washington babble about how certain state senators are not doing what Huelskamp thinks they ought to do. Such is life for the freshman Congressman who won a contested primary two years ago with a less than 50 percent of the vote. Can you name a single major piece of legislation sponsored by Huelskamp, passed by the House, Senate and signed by the president? I can't think of one. Huelskamp has amassed a huge reservoir of money in just two short years, evidence of being institutionalized by Washington. I just didn't think that he would bother himself with a Republican primary for state Senate. Surely he has better things to do, e.g. fight for the approval of the Sunflower Project or the K-State Research Project, both of which are billion-dollar economic opportunities within his 1st Congressional District. Nope, Tim had to lambast Morris with his diatribe and half-truths. Then I wonder, why? Why would he do that?

First, he has nothing better to do. Second, he has a bunch of money and wants to spread it around. Third, he doesn't like Steve because Steve did his job as the Kansas Senate President when the Senate disciplined Tim and it is "get even time." None of these should be reasons for a sitting member of Congress to be involved in a Republican primary at the state level. There ought to be some decisions left to the voters for state office, free from the influence of Washington-style politics. Steve Morris routinely has the ear of the Speaker of the United States House, Hon. John Boehner, you know, the guy third in line to be president. I wonder why John Boehner didn't write a letter adverse to Steve Morris? Something tells me he has better things to do, like say, help run the country. Mr. Huelskamp cannot defend his involvement in this primary election. It smacks of "wrong." To me, "way wrong."


Garden City

Richmeier ready to lead office

We would like to voice our support for Susan Richmeier for the office of County Attorney. We believe Susan possesses the experience and expertise to lead a team charged with prosecuting cases in Finney County.

Susan's commitment to making Garden City a better community has been on display for many years in a variety of venues ranging from our courts to our classrooms. As an attorney, Susan possesses courtroom experience in the prosecution and defense of criminal cases. In addition, we personally have been witness to Susan's strong leadership ability on a number of occasions. She has never backed down from a challenge and works diligently to make the most of the resources at her disposal.

We urge you to join us in voting for Susan Richmeier on Aug. 7.


Garden City

Richmeier best for attorney post

I have known Susan Richmeier for years and I have every confidence in her ability to be Finney County Attorney. Susan Richmeier is a hard worker and she will work hard to represent the citizens of this county fairly.


Garden City

Thoughts on Morris, Powell

Thou shalt not kill, but last fall Larry Powell said you can. If Jesus thought like Larry, Jesus would still be walking the face of the Earth today and we wouldn't need to elect Steve Morris.



Garden City