Is the state of Kansas so far in debt that its lawmakers can't even

pay attention? The new liquor law trying to be passed that will allow

all stores to sell liquor will drive our debt higher. There are about

900 liquor stores in Kansas and if the new law passes they say 700

liquor stores could shut down and send 1,400 more people to the already

long unemployment line. But yet I was told that if all stores could

sell liquor it would create 1,300 jobs. That is not going to happen

because the same people that stock those store shelves can stock the

liquor aisles in about 15 minutes Monday through Friday and maybe 30

minutes on Saturday and Sunday. I would hate to have that job because

no one could live on that amount of hours. I know it can be done in

that amount of time because I did it for Coke and Pepsi for years and

their cases of products outnumber liquor and beer and because of that I

had a full-time job.

The state has already taken out an $8 million loan to pay its

unemployed and the interest on that loan totals $6 million, so don't

make it bigger. I can remember the day when you couldn't fly over the

state of Kansas in a 747 drinking liquor but now we want to sell it at



Garden City