The following is a copy of a letter to Phil Escareno, chairman of the Finney County United Way.

Dear Phil:

It is with deep regret that I advise that the production of my

musical, "Dream Your Dreams: The Buffalo Jones Story," has been

cancelled. Set for March 25, 26 and 27, with all box office proceeds to

go to your fine organization, the show has failed to generate

sufficient interest here and in the area to go forward. It is indeed a

shame that the initial world premiere won't be here, especially since

Garden City wouldn't exist, except for Jones and his promotional


I regret that folks could not take enough time out of their busy

lives to participate in this event and help raise money for the United


Our thanks to the few who did audition. My special thanks to Brian

Seagraves, who volunteered as director, and to the Garden City

Recreation Commission for allowing him to do so. And thanks, also, to

Bruce Spiller for taking on the musical directorship, and to Clay

Wright, Al Miller, Carolyn Klassen, Linda Adams and Zack Snyder for

agreeing to help with the music. And to Gay Morgan and Carlene Schweer

for accepting the costuming and makeup chores. Our thanks, also, to the

community college for allocating the time in March for the show, and to

Phil Hoke for his assistance.

The interest folks have expressed in this creative effort has been

much appreciated. Hopefully, a time and place will be found for the

first production, and the show will be around for a long time in a

variety of venues.

Sincerely yours,


Garden City