Giving nod to Dale, Doll, Law

An important election to the City Commission of Garden City will happen in early April this year.

The Garden City Telegram will present candidate forums to help us decide the best folks running for these positions.

The City Commission forum will be held in the City Commission chambers at 7 p.m. Monday.

The City of Garden City will broadcast the forum on Channel 8 and The Telegram will be live on its website

This is a great time for all voters to study the candidates to serve us and protect us. I have spent some time doing that and have decided I will vote this year for re-electing Melvin Dale and Chris Law.

I will vote to replace retiring Mayor Dave Crase with Janet Doll, who has followed the commission for years with her husband, John Doll, former commissioner, who retired to be the Kansas Representative from Garden City.

Please contact and visit with these three candidates to affirm my recommendation.


Garden City

There are fates worse than death

Re: "Animal shelter euthanizations provoke outcry" on March 7:

I thank the staffers at Garden City Animal Shelter for putting animals' best interests first, even when the best they can offer some animals is a peaceful release through euthanasia. No one wants to euthanize animals, and people who take on this heartbreaking and necessary task should be thanked, not disparaged.

Offering potentially aggressive animals for adoption puts both the public and animals in danger. At shelters that refuse to provide euthanasia, aggressive animals often end up confined in tiny cages or pens, in complete isolation, for the rest of their lives, causing them to become withdrawn, severely depressed and even more aggressive. Aggressive dogs are also sought out by dogfighters and people who starve, beat and chain dogs to turn them into cheap security systems. There are fates worse than death, and these are some of them.

Every animal deserves a loving home. If an animal's disposition makes this risky or impossible, euthanasia is far kinder than a life spent alone in a pen, being forced to fight or chained up as a "guard dog."

Animal shelters are not the cause of animal homelessness. People who fail to spay and neuter their animals, breeders and pet shops are to blame, because they create more animals when there aren't enough homes for those who already exist. Let's place the blame where it belongs, and support the brave open-admission shelter workers whose jobs are thankless enough.



Norfolk, Va.

Chagrin is an animal care and control specialist for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

White House should be open

It is hard to imagine times such as those of President Andrew Jackson who after his inauguration held an out-of-control party on the White House lawn for all to attend. These were the days that if people had an issue they would like to discuss they could simply ring the doorbell or request a meeting with the president himself. Thomas Jefferson was famous for answering the door to guests in his slippers.

We are in far different times than when these men were in office, the United States has grown to be a global superpower, which invites unwanted security threats. However, it is not just outside groups that pose a threat to those who want to enjoy the rich history of this home, it is the government itself.

White House tours are the latest in the installment of so-called "cutbacks." This is nothing more than a political tool on both sides of the aisle. The only ones to suffer are those of us outside of Washington, D.C.

In the eighth grade I got the chance to tour Washington, D.C., for a week with classmates. We got to tour the Capitol, where we sat in the gallery and hoped to catch a glimpse of the up-and-coming star, Sen. Barack Obama. The rest of the trip was filled with seeing all the other beautiful and powerful memorials and museums.

This trip sparked my interest in history and politics, which I am currently obtaining degrees in. We did not get to visit the White House due to high security after 9/11.

I was happy to see that more tours were being accepted recently. This home means much more than the man who is president. It is a memorial to all of those who sat at that seat and to the great history of this country.

I only hope that the president reconsiders his position on cutting White House tours, because they never know what young kid they might inspire.


Garden City