If you see someone blowing snow at my house dressed in shorts, that living contradiction is my son.

That my son wears shorts year round has been told in this space before, but Sunday's escapade was a new one.

While my wife tried to tell him to dress weather-appropriate, I did not really care.

Cold is as cold does.

If Alek felt the need to dress in warmer clothes, he probably would have. If he wanted to freeze, that is his prerogative just finish your work first. My only concern was that the driveway, sidewalk and deck were rid of snow. He did that, so what people driving by our house thought is not my concern.

He ran behind the snow blower, plowing a path as quickly as he could so not to be exposed to the cold too long. Once again, how he looked and how long it took him had nothing to do with my wish to clear the snow.

My wife had her own adventure in the snow.

She was in our yard, standing on one of the snow piles while trying to take down the Christmas decorations. She took a step, but one of her boots and socks did not move. They were stuck in the snow. She was forced to run into the house with one boot on and foot left bare. Then she had to dig out the boot and sock.

Now who really looked the silliest?

Winter brings out the best and worst in us.

While some, like my daughter, Claire, look at it as a time to model winter wear, the rest of the family cares little how they look as long as they are warm. Alek doesn't even care about warmth, as long as he is not away from his Xbox for too long.

Even the family dog has had to learn to adjust to the cold.

Imagine having to do your business in this weather, and you can understand why she sometimes does not take the time to wander out in the yard and goes as soon as she gets outside and then is back inside.

The cold has been almost as unbelievable as the amount of snow we have had.

The only thing that would be worse is if it all melts in a hurry and we are knee deep in water in the spring.

We do not have to worry about that for a while. It already has been a long winter, and it's not even a month old yet.

I hear people say this winter reminds them of the ones they experienced as kids, but all these cold spells must have affected my memory because I do not remember having snowstorm after snowstorm.

The cold? Well, winter is always cold to me. The numbers just give us something to talk about. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference to me if it is 1 degree or 5 below zero. Once winter hits, I am cold, and I stay that way long after spring.

I enjoyed watching the Orange Bowl, not just because Iowa won, but because it was the coldest one on record at 49 degrees.

The announcers and newspaper accounts the day after could not get off the subject of weather.

Back here, we braced for another round of snow and blowing wind, and they were complaining about temperatures dipping below 50. I realize it is Florida, and cold and the Sunshine State do not mix, but it could have been worse. The game could have been played here in Nebraska.

The way this winter has been going, Alek and the snowblower will become well acquainted, just don't ask him to dress like it's winter.

Patrick Murphy, of Columbus, Neb., is the former assistant managing editor of The Telegram.