Local semis go out of bounds

It's good to know we still have people that were born, raised and have lived here all their lives, that are still concerned about all the other people that live here. This week I ran into a guy I've known since junior high. When he saw me, he said I was just the person he wanted to see and I knew he needed help. But never in my life did I ever think I would take a desk job. He said he had been reading the articles I was writing to The Telegram and that he would like to write one, too. But he told me he had too much on his plate being a contractor and he didn't have the time to do it. But he said he knew what I had on the plate in front of me and told me I needed to do the city a favor and write an article about the truckers that don't know how to use the bypass and the ones that must be getting lost on Old West Highway 50, but can find their way down VFW Road to turn onto Maple Street and leave their two grooves all the way down both of them, when all the highways that bring them here tell them we take no through truck traffic, then there are signs that tell them how to get around us but they still come through. He said it's not fair that all of Garden City's people have to ride over the rough roads they are driving away from. Then the city's people are taxed to pay to fix the broken roads they made. He said he sees it from day to day, every morning he goes to the donut shop, everything from loads of heavy equipment to hay trucks. When we all know how far Brookovers is from the donut shop, so why are their heavy 18-wheelers rolling down a street they're not supposed to be on? I had a Class A when the CDL was being implemented and the company I worked for sent out its fleet manager to give us classes so none of its drivers would get grounded if we didn't pass it the first time we took the test. At the end of the second class, I told the class it looks like the CDL will take all the illiterate truckers off the road. Now here it is 20 years later and it looks like that group of truckers have found a way around it but can't find their way around the town they are supposed to stay out of. So, is it time we treat them like high school students and put a full-time officer in their hallways? Not only do their wheels roll down the streets, but the ones that feel the need to tun on Main Street to take a cruise, their right rear wheels roll over the curb and stroll down the sidewalk until they hit the gutter. Do they think they are cruising back in the 1970s or are they taking Main looking for a woman or a long-gone Woolsworth?


Garden City

FCEDC should address goals

The Finney County Economic Development Corp. is back to doing what it is best at: begging, whining and crying. I would like to bring your attention to the original Economic Development Plan called the Fruth Study. This was commissioned in 2005 to the Policom Co. in Florida. It is called the Economic Development Plan for Finney County and Garden City. It is currently located at http://ficoedc.com/PDF%20files/FruthStudy.pdf. Everything they are now trying to do was laid out for them almost seven years ago. For example in the first five years they were to develop 500 new primary industry jobs at a wage of 125 percent of the county wages. Where are they? They were to develop long-term funding. That they have on the backs of the taxpayers in the community. When Finney County and Garden City decided to be FCEDC's sugar daddy, it should have been voted on by the community. Did this happen? No. Instead, every budget year FCEDC is there with their hands out requesting more taxpayer money which the county and city continue to approve. FCEDC is now at the point of 2005 trying to initiate the guidelines in the Fruth Study. Now when everyone is broke they want to initiate a new sales tax. They will also be begging for more of our tax dollars at the budget meetings. Starting on page 36 of the Fruth Study, there is a five-year goal plan for FCEDC. I challenge the FCEDC board and Mr. Depperschmidt to publicly and in detail address these goals and what has been done to achieve them and where FCEDC is at in accomplishing them. If you do not have Internet, you can request this document from FCEDC under the Kansas Open Records Act. About eight months ago I attended one of the FCEDC board meetings and heard the board direct Mr. Depperschmidt to focus on industries and not waste time on retail. I would like them to defend this stance.


Garden City