Hearty applause for local theater

Congratulations to Brian Seagraves, his staff and all the volunteer assistants who helped pull off the wonderful "Music Man, Jr." this past weekend at the community college theater. Headed by Tevin Rincones and Abby Alsop playing the lead roles as Professor Harold Hill and Marian Paroo, the librarian, the 46-member cast of this long-time popular show did a fabulous job of entertaining the audiences. The acting, singing and dancing was very well done by all, with those in attendance enjoying the enthusiasm and professionalism of these young performers. The sets, costumes, lighting and sound, joined with the recorded musical accompaniment, put the "icing on the cake" for this best yet production by this particular age group.

Our Garden City Recreation Commission and its director, John Washington, are to be commended for their continuing support of the theater and entertainment efforts of Brian Seagraves. This resurgence of live theater via the rec, the community college and our high school theater department is a welcomed addition to the quality-of-life opportunities for Garden City and the area.

Those of you who missed seeing this show should be on the lookout for all the upcoming productions and mark your calendars accordingly. "Filling the seats" is the best way to show your support, while being well entertained in the process.

Orvileta and I wish to personally say thanks for a fun afternoon and best wishes to everyone involved for all future theatrical efforts.


Garden City

Proud to serve true statesman

As an educator of 30 years in southwest Kansas, I decided to forgo the usual family vacations and college classes to be a part of the campaign staff for Kansas Senate President Steve Morris. Even though Sen. Morris was not re-elected to the Kansas Senate, I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to serve a true Kansas statesman.

Although there are people who differ with some of the policies supported by Sen. Morris, there are few who would argue that he is one of Kansas' most respected political leaders. His eight years as Senate president and recent selection as president of the National Conference of State Legislatures reflects the respect that his colleagues have for him. Traveling with Sen. Morris, I got a rare glimpse behind the campaign curtain and discovered that he is exactly the same person in public as he is in private. He would often prefer to talk about our families rather than politics. Following a day spent walking in three parades and attending two barbecues, I was amazed to watch him spring from his chair to greet anyone who passed by. He never referred to them as voters and regardless of their political persuasion he would always respectfully listen to their ideas or concerns.

Sen. Morris often spoke about how his life was guided by another fellow Kansan, Dwight Eisenhower. I'm certain that he is uncomfortable even being mentioned in the same sentence with the former president. However, both of these honored Kansans shared one common value ... what it meant to be a Kansas statesman.