It was a gorgeous day for a parade, but that wasn’t the only thing people were doing downtown Sunday.

Jeremy Kemp said his 3-month-old baby, Jackson, along with his two cousins, had a good visit with Santa Claus, who was stationed at what was formerly Finley’s Men’s Wear.

“We had all three of the babies on Santa’s lap at the same time. Nobody had any accidents, Santa didn’t start crying, so it was good,” Kemp said. “None of them cried — no one threw up on Santa.”

Ronald Whited played the part of Santa, even going so far as to grow a beard out to make it more authentic.

“This is 11 months worth of growth,” Whited said, laughing. “After I shave it, I’ll just be another balding, middle-aged fat guy.”

Whited’s gifted enrichment class from Garden City High School has been operating photos with Santa as a business.

“They’re putting a business together for a month and all the challenges that go along with that,” Whited said. “There’s no money for field trips, so we’re raising this money to try to get us out of town and take our education beyond the classroom.”

Whited said Santa will be available for photos again on Dec. 20, at the former Finley’s Men’s Wear.

Tanner Lucas and his daughters, 9-year-old Mackenzie and 6-year-old Breckyn, were painting ornaments at Garden City Arts Center Sunday afternoon.

Breckyn and Mackenzie made purple ornaments.

“I mixed red and blue and white,” Breckyn said, adding that purple is her favorite color.

Breckyn added some snowflakes to hers, while her older sister added Christmas trees.

“You’re going to do Christmas trees on purple? I think that’s a bold choice,” Lucas said.

He was also getting in on the action, painting his own ornament blue.

“I know what your favorite color is,” Breckyn said to her father.

After painting their ornaments, the Lucas family was planning to go on a carriage ride being given by Old Fashioned Limo Service, and then head across the street to visit Santa Claus.

They also hung around to watch the Burtis Motors’ Downtown Evening Christmas Parade, which started at 6 p.m. on Main Street.

Hannah Profitt and other members of Garden Valley Church took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather Saturday afternoon to put the finishing touches on the float they were including in the parade, which was a cardboard train affixed to a tractor trailer.

The engine of the cardboard train was even spouting steam.

“There’s a fog machine in that front stack and a light so it will light up and fog,” Proffitt said. “We’ll have a song playing, and in between the song, there are some train chugga chuggas and a whistle.”

The parade featured everything from a nativity scene to caroling kids. There were also floats, cars and trucks decked out in Christmas lights for the viewing enjoyment of the many people who lined Main Street.