To all citizens of Garden City and Finney County, the primary elections will be held on Aug. 3.

To create some excitement and get the different approaches to the various issues that will come before the new Legislative members of the City Council and the County Commissioners, we need to have several public discussions for these contestants. There are many issues before the people of this community that need talked about, and one way that can happen is through the public pulse. The only way your ideas will ever be heard is to write those letters.

This is based on the total real estate income.

For your information, the property tax income for both city and county in the year 2000 was $22,749,883.51. In 2006, it was $24,134,797.14. A six-year total of $1,384,914 averages a $230,819 growth per year. A one-year tax increase of $1,020,900 from 2006 to 2007. From 2007 to 2009, the tax income went from $25,155,679.22 to $29,396,855.95. A $4,241,158.73 growth in two years (more than $2 million per year) and judging from recent information it could go up more than anther million dollars for 2010 for more than $3 million per year, more than 85 percent increase since 2006.

I was wondering if those that created these yearly increases in property tax think they have provided for those on limited incomes. This was done with no thought, or compassion, at all, for those on low or limited incomes.


Garden City