One downtown business chose Small Business Saturday as the perfect time to open in downtown Garden City.

"This is opening day. We're testing the waters to see what's happening out there," owner Dave Tabor said. "Being as it's small business day, I thought it was appropriate to open today."

Davinski's Fine Things, 416 Main St., had a soft opening Nov. 26 primarily for other downtown businesses to have a look at the merchandise, but officially opened on Nov. 30.

Davinski's offers a lot of eclectic, one of a kind antiques and collectibles.

"Once it's gone, it won't be replaced," Tabor said. "This is all we have. We can't go back and get another one out of a box."

Tabor said he sells limited antiquities, art, paintings and unique items that have been traveling all over the United States.

Tabor, a life-long Garden City resident, said he has been collecting things for the last 35 to 40 years, only a portion of which is displayed at the store right now.

"I've got a lot more to put in here," he said. "I've always wanted to do this all my life."

When asked if he is a "picker" as seen on a few reality TV shows, Tabor said he is to a degree but the things he collects and sells tend to be a little higher quality item.

"I think there's a lot of items and different objects people like. You've got a range from people who are minor collectors to major collectors," he said.

Tabor said he's sold a lot of art glass and is amazed what kinds of things can be found in southwest Kansas.

"There's people out there who really appreciate a lot of this stuff that's high quality," he said. "I think our pricing is reasonable. If you go to New York it's probably five to ten times higher than here. We base our prices on what we paid for it and add a certain percentage on top of that."

Tabor said the store's merchandise has a lot of variety. They have Oriental, contemporary, modern, and classic styles, furniture, art glass, and a variety of paintings in several different mediums to name a few.

"Just a barrage of stuff," Tabor said.

Tabor has other antiques, but he doesn't want to put them on display until he sees what people are looking for. If people are looking for "primitives" like old tools, he has it, but he didn't want to bring in things that would clash with things on display now.

Deb Davis, manager of the business, said 15 to 20 people had come through the doors by early afternoon on Saturday.

"We've had people in here Christmas shopping who said they don't know what to get a neighbor or a certain individual, and they can come in here and find something unique and different," Davis said.

Tabor said his products generally aren't dependent on a boost from seasonal shopping periods.

"It depends on when you want to decorate your house, or whatever you want to do. This is not a seasonal operation. It will probably be consistent year-round," he said.

Granted, he said, there's a lot more buying going on right now as people look for gifts. And Davinski's is offering gift certificates for sale during the holidays.

"You can buy something here, and nobody is going to find that same gift anywhere else," he said.

The store's hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The business will be closed on Mondays.