The ability to cast a vote for our elected representatives is one of

the greatest privileges afforded a citizen of this country. With that

in mind, the Republican Central Committee of Finney County would like

to thank all of the voters that turned out on Nov. 2. What a great

victory not only for Kansas Republicans, but also for those across the


Just two days after the election, the Finney County Republican

Central Committee met to reorganize as required by Kansas statute.

There were more than 40 in attendance, 30 of which were duly elected

precinct chairpeople. Officers that were elected for the next two years

are: Rep. Larry Powell, vice chairman; Jeff Whitham, secretary; and

Nancy Davis, treasurer. Alternate voting delegates to the First

District are: Rodney Kirchoff, Gerry Schultz, Tina Burgardt and Deanne


The committee would especially like to thank the officers that served for the last two years, led by Troy Unruh, chairman.


Garden City

Ballinger is chairman of the Finney County Republican Central Committee.